10 Dysfunctions of a Professional Service Firm

It's challenging running a professional service firm. On top of the unrelenting stream of work, there are constant legislative changes, capacity issues due to problems attracting and retaining quality staff, new technology to navigate, new service lines to implement and finding the time to build capabilities to stay ahead of the competition. When combined these elements can become overwhelming, driving dysfunctions that hold a firm back.

Complete these 30 questions (it should only take you 5 minutes) to identify from 10 dysfunctions the top three major areas (weaknesses) negatively impacting performance and three areas that are less of an issue (i.e. strengths) for your professional service firm. You will also have the ability to see how you compare to the global benchmark (against average scores of all completed diagnostics) on each of the 10 factors. If completing on your mobile phone ensure it is held landscape for ease of use.

You will be presented with your results immediately after clicking 'Submit' at the end of the diagnostic. You will also be sent a copy of your results to the email address supplied.

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